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    Monday, December 19, 2005

    Tracks of the Week: Noise

    Beat Happening "Noise" - Should I follow up last week's noise with more noise? Thematically, yes. Sonically, no way Billy. This week the tracks are more mellow and possibly more appealing despite the noisy theme. Tim had some Beat Happening in college. I never really got into them until I picked up You Turn Me On recently. It's a solid album, and this track features vocals from their only female member Heather Lewis. Buy It.

    Múm "Please Sing My Spring Reverb" - From 2001's Please Smile My Noise Bleed, Icelandic darlings Múm join a handful of remixers to offer up a gorgeous EP of electronic melodies. I picked this up shortly after discovering their debut album Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today Is OK which I highly recommend as well. Great music for trimming the tree, if you live on a glacier. Buy It.