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    Tuesday, February 24, 2004

    Objects in mirror may be more incorrect than they appear

    While driving home on I-95 yesterday, I was caught in traffic due to an accident that occurred on the other side of the highway. A beige-striped A-Team-style van plowed into the back of a roadside cleaning crew truck. Thankfully it appeared there were no injuries as I crawled by at 7 mph. The accident occurred a few hundred yards from an on-ramp where the on-ramp lane merged into the traveling lane. As a brief onlooker, I couldn't determine the cause of the crash. However I'd suspect that signs like this, posted at merge points, can't help the situation:

    What's your sign?

    Is it just me or is this sign very misleading? I see them everywhere denoting two lanes merging into one. But that's not what the sign says. It appears that two lanes get closer together, or the road narrows -- not two lanes merging into one. I'd think that accuracy would be a priority -- especially at 65 mph.