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    Friday, March 12, 2004

    And you get to wear a nametag!

    You'd expect that learning about the fundamental principles of project management would be as dry as day-old burnt toast. Surprisingly this isn't necessarily true.

    I just returned from a 3-hour seminar called the Project Management Test Drive hosted by BU's Corporate Education Center (facilitated by CESC in Bloomfield, CT). The seminar was very good. I've taken courses in business modeling, and workflow design, and user testing and all that fun, colorful stuff that fits under a project's umbrella. But I've never had a formal introduction to the 30,000-foot view of project management. If you're currently responsible for a project (or working as a team member), I highly recommend searching out this event and spending the afternoon or evening getting a comprehensive introduction to the standards set forth by the PMI.

    I was waiting for a lengthy sales pitch about registering for the advanced BU courses, but it never came. Best of all, the price tag for the seminar is $0.00.