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    Tuesday, March 30, 2004

    A more pleasant Tofu FoYou

    It's not quite a recipe, per se, but if you enjoy the many guises of tofu, then this tip may be of some interest to you. I stirfry with firm/extra firm tofu at least twice weekly, and I recently discovered a better way to prepare the tofu before cooking. 30 minutes before you cook, slice the tofu block into 4 slabs, each one inch thick. Lay down the slabs side-by-side on a sturdy paper towel ensuring that the pieces don't touch each other. Wrap with additional paper towels and put on a plate so you don't get water everywhere. Place another plate (or cutting board) on top of the wrapped tofu and apply pressure by resting a jar of pasta sauce or can of beans or a spool of 50 blank CDs on the top plate.

    30 minutes later you'll have a very wet pile of paper towels, but a much lighter tofu with less moisture. As a result, the cooked tofu will be less dense and will usually brown much better.

    So enjoy some delicious tofu tonight. Or do like me and eat leftover chinese food and a handful of Cadbury Mini-Eggs.