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    Sunday, March 14, 2004

    Take me to the bridge

    An hour was lost this morning as I tried to reconfigure my wireless network. I suspect the problem surfaced as a result of last week's high-speed internet hiccup. After playing with the laptop and router, the issue was finally resolved by disabling the laptop's "network bridge" -- a feature of Windows XP. The laptop had no trouble receiving a solid wireless connection from the router. However, it couldn't make a connection to the internet and apparently the enabled bridge setting was to blame.

    Thus far, I've been operating blindly when working on my wireless network and its alphabet soup of DHCP, WEP, MAC, and other ubiquitous acronyms. If anyone reading this post could recommend a good book on wireless networking, I'd be grateful. I've had some luck finding information at Practically Networked. However a website doesn't help much when the problem is a broken internet connection. O'Reilly's 802.11 Wireless Networks looks comprehensive. Does anyone have any recommendations?