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    Wednesday, March 10, 2004

    You put your right modem in, and you shake it all about

    I awoke this morning to find I had lost my internet connection. After some fiddling with the two computers, the router, the modem, and the cables, I made no progress. A call into Comcast Customer Service proved to be a pleasant experience. I was connected to a live person almost immediately, and she was really helpful. It took about 45 minutes to troubleshoot the problem, which apparently stemmed from some network upgrades they're doing to boost the prevention of hacker attacks.

    We solved the issue with a symphony of reboots, unpluggings, resettings, repairings, and a healthy dose of spinning from one computer to the other trying to complete each step in the nick of time. Well, it finally paid off and I'm back online. It seems the best solution to internet troubles is just to keep moving and to try every permutation of disconnecting and reconnecting. It'll ultimately work. Maybe.