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    Wednesday, April 21, 2004

    Apples to oranges, and back to apples

    Six years have passed since I last spent time with an Apple product. I broke that streak today when my iPod arrived. It seemed like yesterday when I made it through four years of college with my trusty Mac LC. From paper writing to IRC to Scarab of Ra, my Mac got a lot of use, and choosing a PC over a Mac last year was a difficult decision.

    Now I've indulged in the iPod frenzy, and so far I'm quite impressed. Has the packaging won an award? It should. I'm like a two-year old playing with the box more than the toy. Plus you can't beat free shipping from Shanghai to West Haven in two days.

    My iPod was in Alaska!

    Now I can load up on 1920s Hawaiian songs, Tuvan throat-singing and minimal techno. Earbuds will mean no longer scaring the neighbors with my nervous music.