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    Friday, April 30, 2004

    Mania on the highway

    Universal Studios should develop a new ride and call it "Route 91." Every day I see the aftermath of at least two accidents during my commute. These unfortunate sightings are uncharacteristic of what you'd experience while actually driving this road. Like Route 190 that connects Leominster to Worcester, Route 91 is typically a well-groomed open highway that's a cakewalk compared to Route 95.

    This morning, however, I saw another overturned 18-wheeler. This time it was a Guaranteed Overnight Delivery (G.O.D.) truck that was being excavated by a team of cranes and backhoes. He delivered on time if a ditch at mile marker 14 was his final destination. Route 91 is also home to lots of "charred vehicles." Maybe it's those monkey snipers.

    I try to avoid all the commotion by staying in the traveling lane while listening to NPR or my iPod. This morning I got through most of Ramones Mania. It amazes me that, after 20 years of making music, the Ramones could survive on 3 guitar chords. How did they remember which ones to play for each song?