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    Monday, April 19, 2004

    Nervous Music v2.1

    I was motivated to do a little sidebar shuffling on the website today. Accuracy is very important to me, and Nervous Music needed a little spring cleaning.

    People have asked me why can't they hear the music in the "now playing" area at the top of the page. Nervous Music doesn't have a soundtrack, so to avoid misleading readers, I've added a "Listening" box to the sidebar displaying what I'm currently listening to (usually within the last half-day). As a result, the posting area is now one carriage return higher. Oh happy day.

    Also, I've separated the "For The Eyes" box into two boxes: "Reading" and "Watching." Again, more accurate, no? Not that anyone cares what we're currently watching from Netflix, but if you're curious, it's there. The downside is that the "Moment of Zen" has now dropped below the fold and you'll need to scroll to see what's happening in that area. No biggie.

    If anyone cares to comment, please do. Otherwise I can understand why you think this post is mundane. I think the warm weather and the Red Sox series win over the Yankees this weekend made me giddy enough to make some website changes.