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    Tuesday, May 04, 2004

    Hey kids! It's time for "What's my mileage?"

    Google has offered Gmail beta users the ability to invite two friends to try their new e-mail service. When I first posted my thoughts on Gmail, my Dad commented that he'd like to check it out. So naturally, he received my first invite. But I have one left! Now, I could go the greedy route and auction my invitation on eBay like many are doing at the moment. But that's not cool.

    So here's the deal: Whoever comes closest to guessing the current mileage on my car wins a Gmail account while it's still in beta. The rules are as follows: 1) Each participant is allowed only one guess, 2) The guess must appear in the "Comments" of this post to keep things neat and organized, 3) The winner will be chosen based on the closest guess, high or low, to the actual mileage -- so no need for bids of "Bob, $1 please," 4) All guesses must be posted by Wednesday May 5 at high noon (EST), 5) If the winner hits the mileage on the nose, then that person deserves something more than just a Gmail account. They'll get a mix CD or something because that's just too freaky.

    Before you pull out your calculator, here are a couple clues. I purchased my 2001 Toyota Corolla on January 26, 2003. At the time of purchase, the mileage was 26,444 miles. Start your guessing engines!