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    Monday, May 17, 2004

    A perfect day for CD shopping

    This gorgeous spring weather reminds me of afternoons I'd spend scavenging the CD bins in Harvard Square. First I'd hit Newbury Comics, Twisted Village, and Other Music. Usually I'd pick up enough new music at those shops to keep me busy over two slices of cheese pizza and a root beer at Cafe Avventura.

    I'd then wander through Tower Records and HMV, often passing up the overpriced selection, but occassionally finding a few gems. I suppose I'd stroll through Urban Outfitters too, though I'd rarely buy something because my eyes were always on music.

    If I was feeling adventurous, I'd make my way down Mass Ave toward Central Square popping into the tiny shops like Mystery Train and Pipeline looking for good used deals. Eventually I'd be worn out from the walk and the backpack of new music. After catching a train back to Davis Square, Disc Diggers would still be open for a quick gander through their bins. I'd end the day by flipping through the free 'zines like Tower's Pulse and the Weekly Dig while listening to my new finds.

    Sounds like a fine day to me. Instead, however, I spent today's lunch break at Subway, and later, stuck behind an old Mustang burning oil on my drive back to work. Good times.