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    Wednesday, May 12, 2004

    With a side of milk, please

    Over the years I've received a lot of slack for eating my cereal sans milk. I don't know where I developed this habit; it must have been at an early age. Just something about soggy cereal turned me off and I never quite understood the point. Until today.

    This morning I tried Trader Joe's "Flakes & Fruit" -- rice and oat flakes with sliced dried strawberries. The strawberries are freeze dried so they look like something you'd find in an astronaut's lunchbox. One bite into them and, yeesh, I was done with that. They were fruity but had the consistency of styrofoam. So, against my better judgment, I reached for the milk and forged ahead.

    ZING! The strawberries popped to life. It was a new day. I actually enjoyed cereal with milk. Maybe those milk-lovin' people who taunted me were right after all. Next up, milk with Rice Krispies!