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    Tuesday, June 01, 2004

    In a skronk state of mind

    The Sundance Channel was playing Downtown 81 (or New York Beat Movie) this morning as I was getting ready for work. I caught the first 20 minutes and wasn't terribly impressed (neither was However I'm sure if I didn't have to get on the road, I would've kept watching as I found it oddly compelling.

    It's funny how hearing a snippet of music can totally get you in a particular music mood. Early scenes show a carefree Basquiat wandering the streets of Manhattan, passing the Guggenheim as he plays his clarinet. See? Not making movie history, but oddly compelling -- like a grainy PBS documentary. As he strolls past graffiti, the Lounge Lizards' "Bob the Bob" leaks onto the film score.

    That got me hooked. It's been months since I last heard Voice of Chunk by the Lounge Lizards. So I listened to it all the way to work. Now I'm itching to hear more No Wave Lower East Side free jazz/avant-garde skronk today. And that means ridiculous artists like John Zorn. How much of this can you really listen to, though, before you're back to Patsy Cline and Bobby Vinton?