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    Wednesday, July 21, 2004

    Goodbye Flix! Hello Flex!

    Since my move to Connecticut, I've been eating healthier than I ever have in my life. However, I haven't worked out since last September when I gave up my gym membership in Cambridge. That's now changed. I've decided to forgo the $22/month Netflix fee for the $34/month LA Fitness membership fee.

    Actually, now that I see "LA Fitness" in print, it seems awfully non-macho for a gym. But really it's an awesome place for a workout. They opened a few months ago, and it's a massive location. All new Life Fitness equipment, a 4-lane pool, saunas, a hot tub (gonna make you sweat!), a basketball court, raquetball courts, and more free weights than you'd ever need.

    I think I'll spend most of my time at the entrance of the locker room, though, where there are plush couches and a huge flatscreen TV playing movies (Sunday's feature was "Back To The Future"). Wait a minute. That doesn't sound good. On second thought, I won't be loitering around the locker room. Yeesh.

    In any case, I've opted for fewer movies and more exercise in the future. I guess, for now, it's my density... I mean, my destiny.