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    Saturday, July 03, 2004

    One for the win column

    My week was clouded with losses: A broken toe - check! A sinus cold - check! A wiped out hard drive - check! But every so often, a win comes along that makes the losses fade to the background for a while. I heard back from the management team of the Business Intelligence firm whose website relaunch project is resting squarely on my shoulders. They took a few days to review my web design prototypes (i.e., webpage mock-ups of a new homepage and a deeper content page). When they got back to me, they gave my work a thumbs up. Of course, they had feedback and they're requesting some tweaks. But the changes that need to be made are cosmetic and minor.

    Bottom line: I can begin to move ahead on all the new webpage authoring work. This is a big one for the win column because: 1) they liked my ideas (always a good place to start) including my meager graphic design abilities, 2) their green light means that I have a clearly agreed-upon project secured for the next 3 months, 3) the bulk of my time for the next 3 months will be dedicated to work I really enjoy, and 4) this will be my first soup-to-nuts web project to add to my experience where I have full responsibility over all aspects of the site.

    OK. Maybe I'm a little too excited, sorry. I'm just happy I've got a win on the board to offset the computerless, sneezy, limping losses from earlier this week.