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    Friday, July 09, 2004

    Simone! Quit playing with your Dingy!

    I had a correspondence last week with the creator of my all-time favorite comic strip, Zippy the Pinhead. The artist Bill Griffith has been including a finicky cat named Dingy in his cartoons lately. Dingy has an uncanny resemblance to our cat, Simone -- in both appearance and personality. One of the Dingy strips from last week came eerily close to Simone. I figured Bill Griffith was peering into our windows at night (after all, Mr. Griffith does live in CT these days).

    I had to let him know, so he got an email from me with an explanation of Simone and some PG-13 images including this one:

    Not very lady-like

    Within minutes, Mr. Griffith replied:

    Glad to hear Dingy made your day (most of his predelictions are based on my spoiled cat, Licky) ---and say hi to Simone. From me, anyway. Dingy thinks she's invading his territory.
    -Bill G.

    Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this correspondence has weaved its way deep into Mr. Griffith's creative mind. I'm hoping we'll soon see a new character in the strip, a female doppelgänger (or love interest?) of Dingy, named Simone.