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    Friday, August 20, 2004

    A font-astic way to reduce debugging time

    Yesterday I shared my quest for the best HTML editor. Although it's quite important to find a comfortable development environment, at the end of the day what matters most is the code you write. Raise your hand if you've flushed hours down the toilet because of a misplaced bracket or the use of an ampersand rather than a plus sign.

    You slave over the tiny lines of code you've written searching for that one misstep which renders your creation useless. Although there's no cure for this madness, ProFont will do its best to lend a hand. Use a font in your development tool which is designed for coding. It's highly readable at small sizes so you can squish more code onto your screen. It differentiates between a lowercase L and the number 1, and an uppercase O and a zero. It super-sizes the brackets so pairings are easy to spot. Plus we're all in luck -- ProFont was developed for Mac, but it's also available for Windows, *nix, and even Atari.

    Give your eyes a break with a better font. You know you'll eventually go blind from coding anyway.