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    Wednesday, August 25, 2004

    From Economy Class to Boo Yah!

    Thanks to frequent flyer miles, I've been clutching onto a free round-trip U.S. ticket on Northwest Airlines for a few years. With the constant flux of the airline industry, I decided not to gamble any longer with the possibility of suddenly losing my WorldPerks award. Tonight I redeemed my miles and booked passage to San Diego where I'll see my old Bates buddies at a bachelor party in late September.

    But... Boo Yah! I was pleasantly surprised when I booked my Hartford to San Diego (via lovely Minneapolis) flights. No seats left in coach. My return trip is ... huzzah! ... in first class!

    They made me choose my first class seats and my itinerary clearly says "Cabin: First Class." But maybe Northwest is just pulling a prank. I can't be that lucky, can I? There has to be a catch. They're going to make me clean the plane during layovers, aren't they? Or I bet they're going to serve me the special "refugee meal." It's a joke, right?