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    Sunday, August 15, 2004


    My parents gave me a gorgeous potted jade plant for Christmas a year and a half ago. It did a great job of growing for a while, but over the last few months.. mmm.. not so much. I thought jade plants were resilient and could tolerate varying temperatures and amounts of sunlight. I've moved it from the kitchen to the living room to the top of my bookshelf in our front room. But nothing will bring this guy back to life.

    Unfortunately I think I'll have to "retire" him soon. Having said that, I'd like to get something to replace the jade plant. I thought jade would last a long time, but maybe a 2nd one isn't the way to go. Anyone have any tips on some cool (low maintenance) plants?

    Does posting about house plants make me cool? No? How about posting about the preservation of jazz? Yeah, that makes me cool. Cool like Miles Davis.