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    Thursday, September 16, 2004

    Crazy like a Firefox

    My favorite web browser Mozilla Firefox is now available as a Preview Release - whatever that might be. Actually, this means the Mozilla Suite of Firefox and Thunderbird (email client) is a month or two away from an official version 1.0 launch. I think this will be relatively big news in the web development community when it happens because Firefox, as a beta product, has been gaining some significant ground in the web browser market over the last year.

    The Preview Release has improved features, including better pop-up blocking and added security (plus a cool little "RSS" subscribe icon that appears in the browser status bar when it detects that the page has an RSS feed available). I run into occasional page rendering problems with Firefox 0.8 so I'll probably make the upgrade this week. And hey! Why doesn't Firefox include the "close" button on the tabs themselves rather than on the far right? But given the speed and overall experience, I'd still take Firefox over IE any day.

    [EDIT: The New Zealand Herald has an interview with the lead developer of Firefox plus details on how the browser is gaining market share. May take some time to load as the article's been slashdotted.]