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    Friday, September 10, 2004

    Sometimes you shoot for the stars, and you hit the roof

    A redesign of this website is imminent. However with my current workload and my apparent lack of imagination, a relaunch is pretty far off. In the meantime, to satisfy my craving to make a change, I plan to make a few tweaks to the current site with one goal in mind: To add more depth.

    Although I enjoy this version of Nervous Music more than the last, I'm finding that the current site is flat and one-dimensional. It lacks depth, and shadow, and dimension. My first step in attempting to breathe a little more life into things is to spend a little more quality time with the photos I post. I've decided to add a thin frame to certain photos to class things up a bit.


    Nothing revolutionary, but I hope it's a step in the right direction as I begin to rethink how this site will look in the future. Of course, the subject of the first picture here was an obvious choice.