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    Sunday, October 17, 2004

    Finally living up to its name

    I've decided enough with the revolving background patterns every week. I've almost run out of pattern images, and frankly, many of them were too obnoxiously bright or bold to really enjoy. So I'm sticking with the current one. I find something comforting about it and it seems to give off a wintery feel. So, good timing I guess.

    I've also decided to change things up a bit here. Since I started this site, I've been trying to keep up my daily listening habits with the "Listening" area in the sidebar. Well, now it's time to *share* the nervous music.

    Yup, I'm diving into the exciting world of the mp3 blog. Not wholeheartedly, mind you. I won't be going the way of Music for Robots, Tofu Hut, Mystical Beast, or Said the Gramophone. But I do plan to post two tracks each week in the new "Listening" section. With each new offering, I'll add my two cents in the form of a regular blog post. The two tracks will be somehow related to a weekly theme noted by the title of each post, kinda like You Bet Your Life's nightly secret word.

    The burgeoning phenomenon of mp3 blogs seems to be, dare I say, accepted by some music labels and the mass media. For those reading this who know me (roughly 100% of you) know that I have a deep love for music. All I want to do is occasionally share a fun/strange/goofy/fantastic little track with you.

    Once the week passes, the songs will no longer be available. There is no archive. If you're the creator or copyright owner, and wish to have a song removed, just leave me a comment. I'll see it and swiftly remove the track.

    We'll kick things off tomorrow with the first two tracks. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. Nervous Music is finally living up to its name. Happy downloading! And hey. Buy the album.