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    Saturday, October 02, 2004

    How do you like dem apples

    This weekend West Haven is having their annual Apple Festival on the town green, a 30-second stroll from our home. I wandered over this morning and couldn't find an apple in sight (aside from a few caramel apples being sold at the concession stand). There were, however, dozens of craft tables, including a woman selling *diaper* cakes and *diaper* wreaths. Should I be concerned?

    The kids were having fun with the face painting and the moonwalk and the horsie rides. In one corner of the green, an intense auction was going on. I overheard the auctioneer trying to start a bid for a computer monitor at $1. From what I could tell, there were no takers. A few moments later I heard him say, "Now how about a starting bid of $2 for a set of these beautiful golf clubs?" ... silence ... "Allrighty then, let's say $1.50."

    No apples, but their farmer's market wasn't bad so I picked up a few things. Walking home, I stopped by Nick's Restaurant, a greasy spoon where you can get a large breakfast with coffee and OJ for $4. That's exactly what I did, and I was the only one who had to order food formally. Everyone else who walked through the door had their usual in front of them by the time they reached their seat.

    I saw a waitress rinse off a pacifier with Diet Coke for a colicky kid. The cook could've been a Frank Sinatra stunt double (read: same face, but slightly huskier). And I'm pretty sure I was sitting next to Deano.

    Sometimes Saturday morning just feels a bit like a David Lynch film.