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    Sunday, October 31, 2004

    We built this city on skull and bones

    Despite all the differences between the two presidential candidates, they do share one thing in common. There is, of course, their alma mater, but also the fact that they both belonged to The Order of Skull and Bones. Here's a photo of the secret society's building on the Yale campus.

    Skull and Bones building

    The spooky, nearly windowless building is sealed with padlocked iron doors. Who knows what happens in there? There are plenty of observations and writings, including a CBS News story (the accompanying photo is incorrect -- they captured a shot of an adjacent building instead). And here's the broadcast in Real video format.

    It really seems that the hype around this cult-like organization is fairly unsubstantiated. I guess it's more fun to speculate about the Bonesmen in order to keep the conspiracies alive. Case in point: a bad Craig T. Nelson movie.

    Happy Halloween! And don't forget to vote Tuesday!