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    Tuesday, November 09, 2004

    Firefox is finally here

    After countless beta versions and something called a "Preview Release," Mozilla's Firefox web browser finally turns 1.0 today. The download sites seem to be hit pretty hard this afternoon. It took me a few tries to get there, but I've upgraded and have already noticed a couple things.

    First, after seeing some complaints about not having a "Go" button next to the address bar, the Firefox folks have added one. As far as I can tell, there's no way to remove it either. I think it's kinda pointless. Who picks up their mouse and clicks the "Go" button after keying in a URL when you can just hit Enter?

    [EDIT: You *can* actually remove the "Go" button from the toolbar. Right click in the toolbar area and choose Customize. You can then drag the green "Go" button from the toolbar onto the Customize palette. This will remove it.]

    Second, they still have *not* implemented the Close "X" icons on the tabs themselves. In other words, if you have multiple tabs open, in order to close one, you have to go to the far right of the browser to click the orange "X". They really should think about putting it right on the tab itself. Oh well, maybe next go 'round.

    Today also kicks off the many marketing efforts for Firefox. The Spread Firefox site has been asking for contributions for a full-page New York Times ad. I've heard that's coming out today.

    And finally (and most surprisingly) the talk of Google adopting Firefox for re-branding has resulted in a "Firefox Start" page. Check it out.

    Let the browser wars begin... again.