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    Friday, November 12, 2004


    Hot on the heels of the Raymond Scott profile last week, I've decided to spend another post sharing some thoughts about another relatively obscure musician. This time we're going waaaay to the outside to get to the guy known simply as Jandek. No one knows his real name (is it Sterling Smith?)

    Putting out records since 1978 on the mysterious Houston-based label Corwood Industries, Jandek's back catalog, as of this posting, is up to 38 releases. But that could change tomorrow. He's already put out three albums in 2004. Why? Good question. Have you ever *heard* this guy? I hadn't until recently. You've gotta be in an awfully strange mood to get your head around his music.

    It's a bit difficult to describe. Jandek has gone through a few musical phases over the last 25+ years. He started with just a guitar and no sense of how to tune it. He strummed and plucked his way through a number of early albums creating a strange little bluesy world of desolation, heartbreak, and dissonance. Somewhere along the line he adapted electric guitar, drums, bass, and an occassional female vocal.

    Throughout his "career" Jandek has maintained the same weird off-kilter, reclusive image. If there ever was an example of a love-it or hate-it artist, Jandek is it. I'm a sucker for a good mystery though, so I've delved into this strange man's background and I'm warming up to his interpretation of music.

    Bonus Track of the Week: Jandek "Naked in the Afternoon"