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    Friday, November 05, 2004

    Talk about convenient

    I got an email this morning from a recruiter whom I may have contacted earlier this year. I can't remember. Last winter was such a blur with the job search I've lost track of some of the folks I reached out to. Anyway, I'm working in Hartford today and the email was from a technical recruiter at a company that sounded awfully familiar but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Until I looked at his email signature.

    Oh yes! Sapphire Technologies, I think they're nearby. Wait a minute, 111 Founders Plaza -- that's the building *I'm* in. The 8th floor? What the?? They're right down the hall?!?

    I got up from my desk, wandered about 20 feet down the hall and introduced myself: "Hi. My name is Sean. You just emailed me a minute ago?"

    Ahhh... Surprising the heck outta people never gets old.

    Well, he has no job leads or potential projects for me now. But who knows what the future may hold. At least he knows I'm responsive.