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    Tuesday, December 14, 2004


    I figured I'd have no use for a Flickr account until my trusty Motorola StarTAC bit the dust and I bought a camera phone. Well, my StarTAC is still hanging on, but I decided to futz around with Flickr a bit today anyway.

    I've added a new area to the sidebar called "Flickr-ing" which randomly serves up three images at a time from my Flickr archive. No new images to speak of -- just a few of my favorites for now. But I plan to toss up highlights as I take new photos. Most of the good stuff usually gets posted to the blog here anyway.

    Having said that, my Flickr account is lonely. I have no contacts. Anyone want to connect with me? Or if you're interested in setting up a free Flickr account, you can have fun with your digital photos online.

    Oh, and hey, you can use your web-enabled phone or PDA to visit Flickr too!