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    Saturday, December 18, 2004

    Master of the house, keeper of the inn...

    Remember that Seinfeld episode when Jerry fell in love with a suede jacket? Despite the obnoxious barbershop quartet pink and white striped lining, it was *the* jacket for Jerry. The best was the little exchange between Jerry and Kramer:

    JERRY: Hey.

    KRAMER: Hey. New jacket?

    JERRY: What do you think?

    KRAMER: It's beautiful.

    JERRY: Is it me?

    KRAMER: That's definitely you.

    JERRY: Really?

    KRAMER: That's more you than you've ever been.

    I had a similar experience while coat shopping today. I needed a new winter coat, and after a little searching *WHAMO* I found the perfect jacket for myself. A beautiful Columbia jacket -- a jacket within a jacket even. Perfect fit; nice and warm; pockets up the wazoo. And on sale for $109 (from $240) -- what a steal!

    One small detail though: It's bright yellow. That's OK. I'll wear it with pride and I'm very, very excited about my new purchase. And unlike Jerry's suede, mine can be worn in the rain. I'm never taking it off.