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    Thursday, January 20, 2005

    7. Blonde Redhead: Misery is a Butterfly

    2 Italian (twin) brothers + 1 Japanese art student = 1 Blonde Redhead. Is this considered "fuzzy math"?

    Misery is a Butterfly is the band's darkest and most delicate album to date. Blonde Redhead (the name taken from a DNA song -- check my favorite reissues of the year) have been concocting a unique blend of indie rock since their inception in 1993. With each release, I find the songs get less and less jarring. So this is really a good place to start and work your way backwards, at least through my favorite Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons from 2000.

    This is their first album since signing to 4AD and it seems the moody, ethereal history of the label has seeped into many of the songs here. Like always, the tracks alternate between the uniquely shrill yelp and countering tenor of the two vocalists. However this go around, with a less discordant approach, Misery is a Butterfly makes for a compelling listen. Buy It.

    Blonde Redhead "Pink Love"