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    Wednesday, January 19, 2005

    8. Fennesz: Venice

    Vienna-based electronic composer Christian Fennesz is a bit of a perfectionist. Critics raved about his 2001 release Endless Summer which was a glitchy, experimental homage to the Beach Boys. It certainly didn't *sound* like the Beach Boys, but Fennesz's overly processed guitars and electronics made for an intriguing listen. And I think Venice is even better.

    He seems to have finely tuned his skills at producing strange little glitchy tracks of audio art. Even the one vocal track (with guest David Sylvian) succeeds. I really took to the BBC's reaction to this album:

    The experience of listening to most of these twelve pieces might be compared to the act of viewing from a distance a series of Monet's weather and light studies (the Haystacks, the Poplars or Rouen Cathedral). The longer the gaze is maintained, the more the colours vibrate and the forms shimmer between abstraction and figuration. The lack of any form of overt rhythmic instrumentation further underlines this impression, causing the music to float like a mirage or apparition.

    Laptop musicians that create this kind of music are a dime-a-dozen these days. However Fennesz continues to exceed the status quo by skillfully and deliberately releasing another impressive collection of undeniably beautiful gems. Buy It.

    Fennesz "Rivers of Sand"