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    Thursday, February 24, 2005

    Blue, blue, electric blue

    Have you ever noticed that listening to certain songs on your stereo can produce an ominous, vibrating hum? If you have, then it may catch you off guard. The low rattling can sound like your speakers peaking out.

    I think this is called hitting the fundamental frequency (if not, someone please set me straight. maybe it's this new "ajax" everyone's talking about?). Anyway, I've noticed this phenomenon every so often but today was the mother of all rattling hums.

    In my car I was listening to David Bowie's Low and at the chorus of "Sound and Vision" an unearthly rumble shook my speakers. Bowie apparently hit upon the fundamental frequency. I tried to recreate it on my home stereo but no dice. Here... why don't you give it a shot. It can be your own little Fundamental Frequency Bowie Experiment. If it doesn't work then, hey, I'd like to think I've given you a pretty good song.

    Bonus Track of the Week: David Bowie "Sound and Vision"