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    Saturday, February 19, 2005

    Like two idiots on a curb

    I just recalled a silly thing that happened while on our trip to the Florida Keys in January -- an overheard conversation on Duval Street in Key West. For those of you who have been to Key West, and particularly Duval Street, know that it's a crazy place, even on a Monday night in the middle of winter.

    We passed a group of young 20-something guys who were three sheets to the wind. As they walked by, the conversation went like this:

    Stumbler #1: Hey man, take a right. Take a right, right here.

    Stumbler #2: Huh? Why?

    Stumbler #1: There's a spot over there. There's a parking space.

    Stumbler #2: What do you need a parking space for?

    Stumbler #1: Oh.