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    Thursday, February 17, 2005

    PowerBook Part II (AKA How's Honest Abe?)

    Thank you everyone for saying PowerBook prayers for me. Apple Support has had it for about a week now, and no significant updates are available. Actually, I phoned them yesterday to get the scoop and they said that my case had accidentally been put on hold due to a system glitch. Super. But they were very apologetic and said someone would begin inspecting my PowerBook within the hour. 24 hours later and there's no update via their Repair Status site.

    So for now, I'll just hold my breath and thank my lucky stars that Abe's alive. Abe Vigoda, that is. You can install a Firefox extension to let you know about Abe's current status. (Eric, thanks for pointing this out.) Abe Vigoda is currently alive. My reaction to this "technology"? Just because you *can*, doesn't mean you should.