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    Thursday, February 10, 2005

    A prayer for the PowerBook

    I love my new PowerBook. I think it's the coolest darn thing. But there's one problem. It seems that the hard drive is making a strange bouncing/clicking sound that, although isn't particularly loud, is above the threshold of "normal" in my opinion. Apple Support doesn't have much to tell me because this is the brand new model just released last week. It could be the 100gb hard drive (the first time they've had this in the 12" PowerBook), it could be a malfunctioning motion sensor (also a new feature), or a malfunctioning audio driver (which popped up in the G3 models), or it could be normal hard drive movement (although I doubt this very much).

    I've been very vocal on the Apple Discussions board in hopes of finding others who have experienced this problem. It seems there are a handful out there. So maybe this is a universal issue affecting all of the new 100gb 12-inch models. Who knows? No responses have turned up yet from my messages to,, or online Apple Support.

    So all I ask is that you say a little prayer for my PowerBook which, in less than 2 hours, will be in the hands of DHL on its way to Memphis for investigation. I included a nice little note explaining the problem and lots of documentation from the discussion boards. All I can hope for is that they find something abnormal and can work on a solution. I just don't want to endure the "sound" for the life of my PowerBook. It would, in all honesty, make me go insane.