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    Friday, March 25, 2005

    Browser rat-a-tat Stats

    About once a month I'll login to my hosting account to see how traffic for this website is faring. I'm mostly interested in the popularity of the mp3 downloads, and I've found that, on average, each song gets about 20 unique downloads/week. Thanks everyone! I'm glad some folks are enjoying them. Actually the all-time highest was Ministry's "Everyday is Halloween" with 37 downloads. What does that say about my visitors? I just don't know.

    I also look at the browser stats. I'm curious what people are using, and how Internet Explorer has been doing with all the recent hooplah around Firefox (and the rising popularity of Safari on the Mac platform). My site is a scrawny minnow in a vast ocean of blogs, but I think my stats reinforce what other bloggers are finding.

    Disclaimer: Before we look at the numbers, I just want to say that I'm fully aware that these statistics aren't perfect. Unfortunately reporting from the original logfiles is not a perfect science, and you'll see later on that my provider states that there are discrepancies. But if we all agree that these numbers are relative estimates, then let's move on.

    Looking at the numbers for the first two months of this year, IE outpaces Mozilla and Firefox by one visit. ONE visit. Get a load of this:

    Browser Types      Unique Visits      Percentage
    Internet Explorer 196 42.06%
    Mozilla (incl. Firefox) 195 41.85%
    Netscape 24 5.15%
    Google Robot 23 4.94%
    Konqueror 12 2.58%
    Safari 11 2.36%
    Alexa Robot 3 0.64%
    Opera 2 0.43%

    Some interesting findings, however, my provider cannot claim 100% reporting accuracy. These numbers show only 466 results, but they state: "466 results from 509 unique visits of which 43 unknown/could not be evaluated." So maybe these additional 43 are Firefox visitors? Which begs the question, why didn't these register in the totals above? Were their chads not fully punched through?

    In any case, it's nice to see some variety in these statistics. Plus it looks like I'm getting about 240 unique visitors each month, which is about 8 new visitors a day (including the..ahem.. search engine spiders). So I guess that's not bad, even if people are finding me through Blogger's "Next Blog" toolbar.

    I'm not entirely sure what this exercise illustrates. I suppose I was interested to see how Firefox users matched up with IE users, and we learned that they're neck and neck. Fabulous. So I guess only one last question remains: Opera users - both of you - who are you?

    UPDATE: Whoops. I just realized that the above numbers only reflect visitors arriving through the domain. The stats do not include people who go directly to the address via a bookmark or whathaveyou. So I wonder what the true numbers are?