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    Tuesday, March 01, 2005

    PowerBook Part III (AKA is anybody home McFly?)

    Apple Support has had my PowerBook for almost three weeks now, and things still remain unresolved. Granted, the first week was a wash because of a "glitch" which accidentally put my case on hold. It was excusable, and their customer service handled it pretty smoothly.

    But who knew I'd be waiting *this* long to get a laptop? Apple's Repair Status site is basically useless because it's not giving me any details about my case as it continues to be delayed, and calling Apple Support every few days doesn't help much either. (All the while the Apple Discussions thread grows to a dizzying 170 messages.)

    A week ago, they said it would be two more days. A half week ago, they said it would be three more days. And now this morning, they're saying that they're waiting on a new part (a hard drive) which is on backorder until March 7th.

    I figured ordering a new PowerBook on January 31st would leave enough time to get it ready for my annual trip to Arizona for spring training in mid-March, not to mention actually using it for work appointments before then. But apparently I miscalculated.

    Hello! McFly! Your shoe's untied! Where's my PowerBook, McFly?