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    Wednesday, March 09, 2005

    PowerBook Part IV (The Final Chapter?)

    Five weeks, a couple dozen phone calls, and a big ol' batch of heartburn later, I think I finally have some closure to my PowerBook woes. But watch, now that I announce this, I bet it'll self-destruct.

    Anyway, I'm posting this using my PowerBook which has finally seen the light of day and made its way from the Apple Support repair center in Memphis to my home. Long live the King.

    I held my breath when I first started it up -- I didn't know if I'd start hearing the plunking pinball noise again. Well, it's been about five hours, and so far this new hard drive seems to be performing better. I *have* heard the noise, but only a couple times (and not as loud). This is a great improvement over the original hard drive that made the noise, on average, 3 times a minute.

    There is one small difference this time around though. I had to reinstall the operating system due to a TrackPad problem I encountered when I first booted up this afternoon. I won't get into the details here. If you're curious, there's a long, long thread waiting for you over at Apple Support. But as a result of the reinstall, I'm currently running version 10.3.7, not the latest and greatest 10.3.8. Frankly, I'm not sure if I should upgrade right away. There have been some grumblings that the plunking noise could be software-related and may come about as a result of 10.3.8.

    Given the debates on the Apple Discussions board, I feel pretty confident that the "noise" is OK, and it doesn't necessarily mean impending doom. And I have to keep in mind that it's been a month and half since this whole debacle began and there are lots of people on the Discussions board who have reported the same noise, sometimes louder and more frequently. Yet after all this time, no one has reported any kind of damage to the hard drive or otherwise.

    So can I close the book on this now and look ahead to happy years with my PowerBook? I hope so. I guess the only question that remains is: what will happen when I upgrade to 10.3.8? I'm a little scared.