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    Monday, March 28, 2005

    Tracks of the Week: Driver

    Omni Trio "Ocean Driver" - Given this track's title, it's only natural that Tim, Chris and I all agree that this makes for great driving music. Omni Trio is drum 'n bass producer Rob Haigh who's been releasing solid jungle for over 10 years. This track comes off his spectacular 1997 record Skeleton Keys. For those of you into really deep grooves and top-shelf synth work, you can't go wrong here. Out of print.

    Huun-Huur-Tu "Ching Söörtukchülerining Yryzy | Song Of The Caravan Drivers (Live)" - Is this great driving music? Mmm, not so much. But that doesn't make it any less fantastic. Tuvan throat singing is, umm, well, a bit of an acquired taste. But if you're willing to indulge, then Huun-Huur-Tu are the guys to check out first. I've seen them live (twice) and have dozed off to their mesmerizing vocal acrobatics (twice). Hnnnhhrrrnnnnooo. Shoo! Buy It.