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    Wednesday, April 13, 2005

    Farewell, old friend

    It's time for me to part ways with my first stereo. I got it in high school (eighth grade?) and we saw lots of great times together. But now the sun is setting on this very long and fulfilling friendship. The tape decks busted long ago and who knows how long the turntable hasn't been working. The radio antenna is weak. Lately I've really only used it for its speakers when I plug in my DJ equipment, but even then it's a mess of wires and nonsense to get it to work.

    Oh big block of stereo, you got me through my Run DMC and MC Hammer days and my soundtrack phase when I wasn't sure what kind of music I liked, so I played it safe with tapes like Stand By Me and The Addam's Family.

    I learned about the art of the mixtape with you. You never jammed despite the countless blank Maxells I tossed your way. I wonder where all those tapes are now? Whether they're tucked away in a shoebox in someone's attic or buried beneath piles of landfill, I'd like to think that you'll live on in them.

    How many Red Sox games did I listen to with you? Too many to remember. Oh, and you worked so marvelously with my monster 5-CD changer when I made the leap to digital.

    You will be missed, dear friend. But know this: I will never forget you. I have you to thank for opening my ears to a world of crazy, nervous music. It all began with you, and for that, I am forever grateful.

    [UPDATE: Hey I just realized that the equalizer sliders are making a frown. Honest to god, I didn't do that on purpose.]