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    Tuesday, April 12, 2005

    An open letter to Comcast

    Dear Comcast,

    Today I made arrangements to disconnect my high-speed internet and digital cable service because I'm moving to an area that is, to use your terminology, "outside the Comcast footprint." The process went smoothly and I have no complaints, except for one issue that, if resolved, I believe can improve your service.

    I scheduled to have a technician stop by and remove equipment (digital cable box and modem) as late in the day as possible one day next week which happens to be between 5pm-8pm. I requested a late visit because I wanted to get as much use out of my internet connection as possible working from home the day before my move.

    Here's where I encountered the issue. According to Comcast policy, the technician appointment and final day of service *must* fall on the same date. However I've been told that my service can be disconnected anytime after 8am the morning of the disconnect date.

    Do you see the "disconnect" here? I'd gladly pay the extra buck or two to extend my billed service one more business day to ensure that I will have my internet connection uninterrupted throughout the day until the technician arrives. This is highly unlikely though, because I scheduled an early evening appointment.

    So the reality is that I'll be sitting here, typing away, enjoying my high-speed internet connection when suddenly *poof* it'll disappear and I'll have to be forced to... I don't know... read a book or something until the tech arrives.

    Now wouldn't it be nice to give the customer the option to extend service one additional day if requested? I think so.

    Let me pre-empt your rebuttal by acknowledging that I know I can choose to return my equipment to a local Comcast office at my leisure. However, with an out-of-state move the following day, this is a waste of my time, and I'm sure it's a waste of other customers' time under these circumstances.

    So, giddy up! What do you think?

    Best Regards,
    Waiting Webless in West Haven