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    Friday, May 27, 2005

    Same bat number, different bat phone

    It's time to retire the old Motorola StarTac. It's a sad day. I've been hanging onto him since early 1999. He's really treated me well. Aside from a couple broken antennae, I never had any problems. I never even needed to replace the battery!

    So many fond memories with my StarTac. I accepted a job offer on that phone. I talked to programmers from India on that phone. I called Alyssa to ask her out on our first date.

    I'll be holding onto him of course. He'll be retired alongside my first cell phone which was another StarTac -- the analog version. Remember analog? Oh yeah. That takes me back.

    But it's time to move on and I've chosen the Motorola V188, the brand new upgrade from the V180. Nothing fancy. No camera, no email, no major bells 'n whistles. Just, what I hope is, a solid phone with good call quality and a strong battery.

    Last month I said goodbye to my trusty stereo. And now, so long to my trusty phone. What's next?