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    Friday, June 10, 2005

    Eyes as big as Jolly Ranchers

    I drove a long way home last night after my company's annual summer shin-dig. There was no traffic. It was a warm night and I needed something upbeat enough to keep me going, but drowsy enough not to get me wired by the time I pulled into my driveway. So I tossed on DJ Shadow's Entroducing...

    I had forgotten how much of an impact this album had on me. It was the beginning of 1997, second semester junior year of college. Most of my friends were abroad for a few months, and I remember quite clearly stumbling upon this at, of all places, a Strawberries. I bought it on cassette tape. (Why?? What was I thinking?) In any case, I listened to this album so much that I wore it out. I listened over and over and over again and the tape became weak and it actually unraveled. Some would say this was purely due to the "super wicked phat beats, yo" but I'm not so sure.

    I also remember sending friends mix tapes of new music I discovered that semester. But I hesitated to include any of this stellar DJ Shadow stuff because I insisted, "you have to hear it uninterrupted in its entirety." (Tim will never let me live this down.)

    Now this morning I discover that the album is being reissued with some remixes and extra cuts (most of which has already been available). The original album isn't modified, remastered or retouched. So if you own it already, it may not be worth getting the deluxe edition. But if you don't own it, I highly recommend you add it to your Amazon wish list. Heck, swing by your favorite record store this weekend and pick it up. It'll be a wonderful soundtrack for the steamy weekend that's in store for us.