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    Monday, June 06, 2005

    Tracks of the Week: Donnacha

    Donnacha Costello "Mustard B" - The masses have spoken, and they've chosen Mustard. Good for you guys. I had you pick one color, but I typically post two tracks each Monday. So that left me with a choice: Do I post both the A side and the B side from the 12"? Or do I do something else with the 2nd track this week? Your answer is below.

    Donnacha Costello "Cocoa A" - I've decided to do something else with the 2nd track this week. This mp3 is from the same (wonderful!) series, but it's a different color. My choice here was a bit arbitrary. Like I said last week, all the tracks are great. But I figured this makes for a nice contrast with Mustard. Mmm...chocolatey mustard. Enjoy!