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    Saturday, June 04, 2005


    We've been having issues with dropped calls and poor cell phone reception since we moved. We were hoping we could survive without a home number and live off our mobile phones, but this just isn't sensible. So rather than pay the bloated fees for a traditional landline, I've opted for Vonage. It's my first foray into VoIP, and although we haven't received our phone adapter yet to try it out, so far I'm quite impressed with the service.

    The website is excellently designed because it quickly quells any concerns you have about: will it work as well as a landline? what equipment do I need? are there long distance charges? setup fees? I'm happy to report that it appears to be a very slick service (and slick technology) and I'm looking forward to setting it up. I'll be back with some thoughts once we're using it for a while. Right now, though, I'm just excited that I can call long distance for over 8 hours a month for less cost than Netflix.

    Despite not having the equipment to set up yet, I've already done two critical things to my Vonage account: 1) Enabled 911 calling (because with VoIP you can have an area code from anywhere, but for emergency calling you have to let them know your physical location too), and 2) Added the new number to the "Do Not Call" list, and hey, even if I get telemarketing calls, I could always use this handy worksheet.