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    Friday, July 01, 2005

    Computer people, you know what I'm talking about

    I just spent the better part of forever trying to debug a simple little online questionnaire. I could not, for the life of me, determine why it was erroring. It kept throwing the good ol' HTTP 500 - Internal server error. Even with "Friendly HTTP error messages" turned off, it was still greeting me with the classic "Errors occurred." Thanks ASP.

    Banging my forehead on the keyboard didn't help. Actually it hurt.

    But I bring you good news. Moments ago, I finally discovered the problem.

    It was this: _

    A missing underscore. Wunderbar. I'm not a rookie to this kind of mistake. Plenty of keystrokes have rendered my workdays useless in the past. The ampersand, the comma, the quotation mark. All enemies of the web developer from time to time. But they couldn't take me down today. Nope. I was resilient. And I'm safe, until the next character eludes my grasp. Who has two thumbs and can submit the questionnaire now? This guy.