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    Tuesday, July 12, 2005

    Fun with product giveaways

    Chris just told me about Papa John's Blackberry 7100G giveaway. All you need to do is add any Papa John's side item and two 20-oz. beverages to your online order, and *BooM* you've got yourself a new wireless handheld.

    Is this a bizarre pairing or what? So this spurned me on to think of other stupid combinations (while procrastinating from work, naturally):

    For a limited time, add on a free sailboat with your purchase of any of our new pepper steak subs at D'Angelos.

    This month only, take advantage of our 'Own Your Own Pony' offer by renting a 2nd video at Blockbuster.

    While supplies last, get your own civil war cannon with a purchase of 10 (ten) postage stamps.

    During July, get a free trip to Uranus with the purchase of any Target brand bath tissue.

    Become the king of a South Pacific island with every purchase of a 20 (twenty) oz. bottle of 7-Up.

    Get a free gold tooth implant with the purchase of any 40 (forty) oz. bottle of premium malt liquor.

    Try our new Dunkin Donuts chai and redeem your receipt for a date with a leprechaun.

    Anyone have any other bright ideas?