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    Thursday, July 07, 2005

    Jazz. Holy crap!

    Sometimes I get on some crazy music kicks. It's like I get stuck in this fabulous rut of listening to the same artist for days at a time. My current rut is with Dave Holland, who could very well be the hardest working musician in the jazz world these days. (OK, I guess you could argue Wynton Marsalis too.)

    I have a handful of Dave Holland's albums, mostly the more recent stuff since the late 90s, and it's all absolutely wonderful. Tim recommended Holland's double live Extended Play: Live at Birdland and I'm glad he did because it blew me away.

    I just love the reviews this album gets on Amazon. Check out the titles of the reviews: "One of the greatest live recordings ever. Period.", "Staring In Disbelief At Your Stereo", and my personal favorite: "holy crap!"

    You may not be a fan of jazz, but you gotta check this stuff out. This track isn't from the double live album. It's from his newest release Overtime -- another one of his big band outings. Fabulous!

    Bonus Track of the Week: Dave Holland Quintet "Ario"