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    Monday, July 18, 2005

    Tracks of the Week: Past

    U.N.K.L.E. "The Time Has Come (If You Find The Earth Boring - U.N.K.L.E. mix)" - Last week's tracks were such a hit, that I decided to stick with a similar theme for this week. I'm spotlighting a couple tracks that I loved to play in college, but haven't revisited in a long time. It's good to reflect on the past. Dan Quayle put it best when he said: "It's a question of whether we're going to go forward into the future, or past to the back." Well Danny Boy, we're going past to the back and I think you're going to love this one. And how. Out of print.

    Autechre "Flutter" - The dynamic duo from Sheffield England turned one or two heads with a 1994 EP entitled Anti. It was meant to be a protest against the British "Criminal Justice Bill," which outlawed gatherings where music with repetitive beats were played (an anti "rave" bill basically). The cheeky monkeys in Autechre included a sticker on the CD case which read:

    Warning: 'Lost' and 'Djarum' contain repetitive beats. We advise you not to play these tracks if the Criminal Justice Bill becomes law. 'Flutter' has been programmed in such a way that no bars contain identical beats and can therefore be played at 45 or 33 revolutions under the proposed law. However, we advise DJs to have a lawyer and musicologist present at all times to confirm the non repetitive nature of the music in the event of police harrasment. Important: By breaking this seal, you accept full responsibility for any consequential action resulting from the products use, as playing the music contained within these recordings may be interpreted as oppostion to the Criminal Justice and Public Order Bill.
    Out of print.