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    Monday, July 11, 2005

    Tracks of the Week: Shuffle

    Mouse on Mars "X-Flies" - Shuffling songs on an mp3 player can be a wonderful thing. For me, it recently unearthed a couple songs that I haven't heard since my days at WRBC 91.5 FM in Lewiston, Maine (hence the theme for this week's tracks). I loved playing this song on my 12am-3am shift which I think was during short term junior year. It's a sublime little track to groove to late at night. Buy It.

    Bowery Electric "Words" - Another great song to chill out to late at night. I feel like this album (Beat) got buried during the "trip hop" craze. Shame. It's a fantastic album and definitely worth a new listen. I think it aged well due to its simplicity. This track is representative of the rest of the album. If you enjoy this, you'll be quickly nodding off to tracks 2-11. Buy It.